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Happy NaCroMo! National Crochet Month 2015

Happy National Crochet Month 2015! Today I am featured on Crochetville's blog tour for the celebration. 

When asked to participate in the celebration, I said yes of course! Then I asked myself, what are YOU doing to celebrate national crochet month? Well, a lot! I celebrated my 11th anniversary as a knit and crochet designer this month. Woohoo! That is very exciting to me. Especially, because the anniversary of the begining of my career is also the anniversary of my son & me arriving back to US soil. 

As many of you may know, I started a yarn company last summer, Bamboo So Fine Yarns by Kristin Omdahl. And in less than a year, I now have two yarns: Be So Fine and Be So Sporty. What you may not know already, is that this month I have decided to add hand-dyeing to my accomlishments. I researched a lot, asked my awesome friends in the industry for their advice and support, selected dyes for my palette, and ordered a very large box of undyed yarns!


I am working on gradient and ombre dyeing techniques. Some are one color that runs the spectrum of very pale to super saturated. And others are two colors that blend into each other in the middle, but are saturated at either end.

Last week I had my first samples drying on the back porch.

Yesterday I was able to crochet the first design with my handdyed yarn!

I'm working on a new batch drying today. I hope to have new colors available in my Etsy Shop soon!

Are you going to be in Nashville for Stitches South? Come visit my booth! It will be the first place ever to see my hand dyed yarns in person.

Pattern support, knitting and crochet, is always FREE for my yarns! Check out the Free Pattern link on my website header. Or head over to my Patreon Channel where you can download the patterns for free (small red box underneath and to the right of the photos) or YouTube videos too! Two brand new knit and crochet patterns just released on Friday :)


Art Challenge Day 2


I've been drawing since I was a little girl. Specifically, I was drawing evening gowns, wedding dresses and flowers. Apparently, some things never change! Now I draw clothing for knit and crochet design work (a book on evening wear would be a DREAM COME TRUE). And I draw flowers for stationery, art on canvas, and for fun in my sketch books.

I LOVE to hand write letters and I like to draw pictures individually for each recipient. Why? Remember the line from that movie, "If you build it, they will come?" Well, I would love to have a line of stationery with my artwork on it one day, so until then I will fake it ;) Here are some samples of my stationery drawings: 


These are drawings from my sketchpad. Some are inspired by knitting and crochet, some by lace, some by flowers and some by a variety of tattoo art.

I've been asked to design tattoos for people many, many times. The only one that has come to fruition so far is my sister's tattoo. I was sketching while watching the sunset with her one evening and she loved what I did so much she took the drawing to a tattoo shop and had them apply it to her shoulder! Here is the original drawing and her tattoo in steps. Most tattoos are not done in one setting. The coolest part about this event was that the tattoo parlour was so impressed with my portfolio that night they offered me an apprenticeship! How awesome is that? But this girl has to work, I don't have time to work for free. And I'm probably not quite cool enough to work in a tattoo parlour anyway LOL












Here are some pictures I drew and painted on canvas or cardboard for gifts:























I've also been drawing portraits for years. I prefer to draw from a photograph than a living breathing person in front of me. I've been combing the house to find a portrait I drew of Marlon when he was a toddler and I can't find it yet. So heartbreaking that I may have lost it. Bonus if I could find the photgraph from which I drew the portrait. 




Art Challenge Day 1

My friend, Drew Emborsky, nominated me for a fun 5 day art challenge. Each day I am supposed to share a different type of art I enjoy creating and nominate someone else for the challenge.

While knitting and crochet (fiber arts) are the obvious choice for me, you may be surprised to learn I love to create in other mediums as well. For today's post, I decided share one of my greatest passions: jewelry! Oddly enough, I am not a fan of store bought jewelry, but whenever I can squeeze out time in my schedule, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to design and create jewelry. Here are a few pieces I've made:

This is wire wrapping (which I LOVE SO MUCH)! If anyone is interested in YouTube tutorials and/or kits please leave a comment below. I would love to teach this clever and simple technique. This is my favorite necklace to wear right now. 

This is beading with London Blue Topaz and 24 carat gold beads. OMG so expensive but so decadent. This was my first beading project, my own design, and totally inspired by Cleopatra. I wear this necklace when I want to feel fancy. 

This is memory wire beading. Probably the EASIEST way to make jewelry. Again, if anyone is interested in a YouTube tutorial or kits, please leave a comment below. This was my first attempt and I make 7 wraps, but next time I would make this bracelet about twice as wide. The beads are 24carat gold cubes. So darn gorgeous. I love this bracelet. Another Cleopatra inspired design ;)

Another type of wire wrapping, these bangle bracelets are ridiculously fast and easy to make. I like to stack them on my wrist. Seriously, I cannot leave the house without someone commenting on them. You could make a stack in about a couple hours. I have had so much fun shopping for fun and unusual beads and stones for these. This is another project that I'd love to YouTube tutorial and kit, if you are interested.

Crochet wire cuff bracelet. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. I've been teaching and wearing this one for years. Super easy. And you can watch the YouTube tutorial here: 

Crochet Earrings. The fancier the yarn, the fancier the earrings. They are only single crochet and chains (but since we use sequins and beads, no one needs to know). And you can watch the YouTube tutorial here: 

Again, I love deceptively simple design. Using simple crochet chain, but embellishing with 240 crystals gives this necklace the wow factor! Love the cinching/non-closure in the back? Simple single crochet :) You can order the kit here: Crystal Chain Necklace Kit

And you can watch the YouTube tutorial here:

Crochet Wire Earrings, based on an edging from my book "The Finer Edge". Its the same edging as the border around the afghan project in the book, actually! What a difference, right?

And you can watch the YouTube tutorial video here: