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211509-646795-thumbnail.jpgKristin's Silk Belt Pattern:webtile_3.jpg

a Free Knit Pattern, with my compliments


This pattern is for a sash/belt that is to be tied casually with the two ends falling lower and moving when you walk. Follow the simple pattern and make your belt 2.2 times longer than the circumference of your waist. For example: if you have a 30" waist, you will make your belt 66" long. 

For the belt in the picture, I used:

webtile_1.jpg Tilli Tomas Simply Heaven, a 2ply, bulky spun silk
US8 (5mm) knitting needles
Note: you want a pretty tight gauge for a belt. I would recommend going down a needle size or two from what the yarn label recommends. 

 CO 12 sts.
Row 1: slip the first stitch knit wise, p1, (k1, p1) across

Repeat row 1 to desired length.

Bind off in k1, p1 pattern. webtile_2.jpg