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FREE Sexy LOLA Wrap Knit Shawl Pattern

Sexy Purple LOLA Wrap Knit Shawl Pattern

As featured and taught on episode 1110 of Knitting Daily TV, season 1100, The Sexy LOLA Wrap Knit Shawl Pattern is now available for FREE! It is a super simple knit pattern that requires only 1 skein of ultra luxury yarn. The added embellishment of fringe adds drama and extra body to the shawl. The 2 row pattern is easy to memorize and you could modify this into a larger shawl very easily.

ArtYarns Beaded Rhapsody & Sequins; 100% silk with glass beads and sequins; 50 gm per 78 yds; 1 skein color# H-5s
US10.5 (6.5mm) knitting needles
2 yd 4” Black Fringe
Black thread and sewing needle

3.5 sts/ 2.5 rows = 1”, in stitch pattern after blocking
however, gauge is not critical for this project

Finished size:
(before fringe): 44” wide x 22” long

CO 13 sts
Row 1: k1, (yo, ssk)x2, (yo, k1)x3, (yo, k2tog)x2, yo, k1. -- 17 sts
Row 2 (and even numbered rows): knit across
Row 3: k1, (yo, ssk)x3, (yo, k1)x3, (yo, k2tog)x3, yo, k1. -- 21 sts
Row 5: k1, (yo, ssk)x4, (yo, k1)x3, (yo, k2tog)x4, yo, k1. -- 25 sts
Row 7: k1, (yo, ssk)x5, (yo, k1)x3, (yo, k2tog)x5, yo, k1. -- 29 sts
Row 9: k1, (yo, ssk)x6, (yo, k1)x3, (yo, k2tog)x6, yo, k1. -- 33 sts
Row 11: k1, (yo, ssk)x7, (yo, k1)x3, (yo, k2tog)x7, yo, k1. -- 37 sts
Row 12: rep row 2
Rows 13 - 54: Rep rows 11 - 12, except on every odd numbered row, increase the rep on ea side of central corner by one repeat. -- 121 sts
Row 55: k1, *yo, k1, pass 1st st and yo up and over 2nd st to bind off. Rep from * across. Fasten off last st.
Weave in loose ends. Block to finished measurements before adding fringe.

Fold fringe in half lengthwise to find center. Pin center of fringe to center point of lower edge of shawl, making a 1/2 in pleat to create fullness at corner. Using pins, secure top edge of fringe to cast off row on shawl on either side of corner until entire row of knitting is secured to fringe. With needle and thread, sew top edge of fringe to cast off row on shawl, removing pins as you go. Note: you should have 2 feet of fringe additional on ea side of last row of shawl. Remove thread holding fringe together.

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