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Granny Loves Ripples Crochet Baby Blanket - FREE PATTERN

211509-809303-thumbnail.jpg I heard wonderful news last week that a dear friend of mine adopted a baby girl. I always like to crochet something for a new baby. I was going to make a little bonnet and booties, but after hearing about this granny-along, I thought that I would make a granny square blanket. But, then I heard about the ripple-along, and wanted something with a scalloped edge, like chevrons. webtile_1.jpgSo, I worked up a pattern for a granny inspired chevron stitch: you work the basic stitches the same as you would in a square, and the increase points of the chevron are the same as the increases in granny square corners. The decrease points are worked over 2 spaces: dc in one space, work dc2tog over the same space just worked in, and the next space, then dc in that same second space (3 sts worked over two spaces). See photo.

The blanket uses one skein of Pound of Love (100% ba
by acrylic) from your local craft store, and a US 10 (6.0mm) crochet hook. The finished blanket measures about 40" square. I was really under the gun to make this quickly, and I finished in two days!




by Kristin Omdahl, for

webtile_2.jpg Special stitch instructions:
shell: 3dc, ch2, 3dc in same ch2 space
decrease group: working over 2 spaces, work 1dc in 1st space, work dc2tog over both spaces, work 1dc in 2nd space.
dc2tog: work a dc into the next space without completing the very last step (keep all three loops on hook), then dc in the next space without completing the last step. You should have 3 loops on the hook, then yarn over and draw through all the loops.
Note: 'space' refers to the space between each grouping of 3dcs.
Gauge: 3dc = 1", 1 row in dc = 1"
Finished size: approx. 40" square

Multiple of 12 sts + 3
Chain 159

Row 1: Work 2 dc into 3rd chain from hook (counts as 3dc)m skip 2 chains. *3dc in next chain, skip 2 chains, (3dc, ch2, 3dc) in next chain, skip 2 chains, 3dc in nex chain, skip 2 chains, 3dc in next chain, skip 2 chains. Repeat from * to last chain: work 3dc in last chain. (13 shells, 41 3dc groups)

Row 2: skip 1st st, slip stitch into 2nd st, and into chain space between last 2 groups of 3dc in previous round (hereafter referred to as 'space'. Ch3 (counts as dc) and work 2 dc in same space. *Work 3 dc in next space, work (3dc, ch2, 3dc) in next ch2 space, work 3dc in nex space. Work the following decrease group over 2 spaces: work dc in 1st space, work dc2tog over both spaces, work 1 dc in 2nd space worked. Repeat from * to last space: work 3dc in last space. (13 shells, 28 3dc groups, 13 (dc, dc2tog, dc) decrease groups

Row 3 - 43: repeat row 2.
Fasten off. Weave in loose ends. Wash and dry.