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Petals Wrap Cardigan CAL Crochet Along Week 3

Welcome back! Hopefully you have read over your Petals Wrap Cardigan Pattern in "Crochet So Fine". And maybe you have completed the back and blocked it from last week (week 2)!



This week, we are making the fronts. The fronts follow the same repeated pattern as the back, but instead of making a hexagon (6 repeats of lace pattern), each front is a half-hexagon (3 repeats of lace pattern) and worked in rows, not rounds.




Each side is identical, so you are going to be making two fronts. Complete as many rows as you did rounds for the back, to make the identical size. Block to finished measurements and let dry.

Next week, we will join the fronts to the back! To do the initial blocking, you can either use just water or a drop of delicate wash, like Wrapture. When you block the entire sweater at the end of your project, then you will use a capful of Wrapture or delicate wash in a basin of water.

Here is what the first front will look like blocking. Make both sides, block both sides, and next week we will join them together!

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Reader Comments (1)

I have made this cardigan for a wedding i went to in Gympie, Queensland Australia. I got quite a few comments about it. I used an 8 ply cotton blend in purple to make the garment a little more comfortable for my size and the warmth factor. It is lovely to wear. Thank you Kristin for the gorgeous book - Crochet So Fine! I love your work.
May 19, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterRobyn Coulson

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