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Petals Wrap Cardigan CAL Crochet Along Week 5

I promised this would be the last week of the crochet along (CAL), but I guess I lied. I am not happy with the wrap sleeveless so in the next week I will design a cap sleeve and post my instructions with photos next week. In the meantime, here is week 5 of the Petals Wrap Cardigan Crochet Along (CAL): edging.

Last week we joined the fronts to the back and this week we begin by chaining and joining to the center back neck and beginning a narrow strip of crochet (edging) and at the end of every other row join it to the edge of the body so we are joining perpendiculary as we jo (no sewing!)

In order to be symmetrical, I chose to start the edging at the center back neck and work it to the center bottom of body and fasten off.

Begin the other side on the underside of the beg chain at center back neck and work to the center bottom of body from other side and on last row, join to the last row of the other side of the edging. Make sense? I hope the photos help. As always, if you have additional questions, post them in the comments below and I'll answer them as soon as I can.

After I blocked the Petals Wrap Cardi in some Wrapture, I layed it out flat and let it dry. When I tried it on, I didn't like how low the armholes looked on me, so I think the addition of cap sleeves will be helpful. And I'm considering adding a different closure, but not sure yet. Tune in next week for Week 6 and I'll show you the finished piece!


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Reader Comments (1)

Hi Kristin,

You do such beautiful work :-)

Off topic, but I'm glad to find your blog because I wanted to say I have made all the hats now from your book, the shark hunter one three times I think, and the last one was the Jamie motif, but I made a variation that came out really nice. I made it a slouchy hat by adding one more row of motifs. It has got to be my new favorite hat--I feel so stylish wearing it.

I did have more trouble with these designs than usual working from the book because I am left-handed. Usually the diagrams are my friend, but with these, I guess I have finally figured out, the diagrams are completely reversed to me, and I do better from the word directions.

I have made a couple of the shawls as well, but I'm only now feeling like I really have the idea of all of the seemless crochet technique after completing this Jamie hat, with all one long strand of yarn. (well, felting some breaks together, but we won't count those).

Thanks so much.
December 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEdith

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