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Crochet Post Stitch Cable Tutorial with Photos and Video

Have you seen "Baby It's Cold Outside" Cowl I designed exclusively for Tahki Stacy Charles? PDF Crochet Pattern available HERE. It is a simple little cabled cowl that is worked in rows, not rounds, sideways, and seamed with crochet at the end. The fabric is all post stitches with cables that are offset every other repeat.

I made a photo and video tutorial to show you how to make the cables and just as importantly, how to work the row after the cables are made. And, I have a few notes, tips & tricks to share along the way. Each of the thumbnail photos can be clicked on for larger sized images, and the video is embedded from my Kristin Omdahl YouTube Channel.

First, we begin with the chain, then a row of double crochet. Post stitches can't be worked directly into a chain, so a set up row of double crochet is required first. Then, we crochet a row of back post double crochet, then a row of front post double crochet. Here is the glossary description of a front post double crochet: Wrap the yarn around the hook, insert the hook from in front and from right to left around the stem of the appropriate stitch. Complete the dc stitch normally. Here is the gloassary description of a back post double crochet: Wrap the yarn around the hook, insert the hook from behind and from right to left around the stem of the appropriate stitch. Complete the dc stitch normally. Then crochet one more row of back post double crochet.

Next, we crochet our first cable pattern row (row 4). Ch3 (counts as first dc), skip the next 4 stitches, fptc (front post treble crochet) around the post of the 5th st, then fptc around the post of the 6th st. Working behind on the 4 sts we skipped, dc in the 3rd st, and dc in the fourth st. Working in front of the stitches made, and working in the first and second sts skipped, fptc around the post of the 1st st, and fptc aroudn the post of the 2nd st. Note: ALL 6 sts have been used. Fpdc in ea of the next 2 sts. Repeat across entire row and this is what it will look like: NOTE: notics how the cables don't exactly look right yet. It takes the following row of back post double crochet to really firm up the fabric and allow the cables to pop.

When working row 5: ch3 (counts as dc), bpdc in ea st across, make sure you work each stitch in the correct order. Because of the twisted nature of the last row, it is difficult to see the stitches yet alone figure out which is the next stitch to crochet. I like to peel the top of the fabric toward me so I can peek and see the stitches on the wrong side, while stretching them out at the same time. As long as you work them in the correct order, after the next row it will look like this:

And here is a photo tutorial of what the fabric will look like at the end of each row left in the repeat.

Row 6:

Row 7:

Row 8:

Row 9:

Repeat rows 1 - 8 (row 9 photo is actually the first repeat of row 1).

And, here is a video tutorial explaining rows 4 and 5, the crochet post stitch cables using front post treble stitch, front post double crochet stitch and double crochet stitch (Row 4) and back post double crochet stitch (row 5). If you have any additional questions, please leave them in the comments below!


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These look like wonderful designs. I think each design would be great to make.
May 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterVivian

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