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Celestial Navigation Crochet Hat Pattern, Tutorial Video and Charity Donation

I am a proud of my Norwegian heritage and enjoy joking with my fellow Scandinavian friends and family about our tough, Viking prowess. One particular firend and I joke about who has the better sense of direction due to our internal Norse Celestial Navigation systems. 
Inspired by celestial navigation, I designed an 8-point star into the crown of this crochet hat to symbolize the homing device in all of us. Make this hat for yourself, or more importantly, make it for loved ones with the hope that it will always help them find their way home to you.

A portion of each sale will be donated to Halos of Hope, a beautiful hat charity run by an amazing woman whom I call my friend, Pam Haschke. Follow the link to Halos of Hope for more information about this beautiful charity. You can order the instant download pattern HERE: Celestial Navigation Crochet Hat Pattern $3.99

Watch the YouTube Tutorial Video teaching you how to make the post stitches required for the 8-point star HERE:

The pattern is written for women's size, approx 20" circumference. It is really easy to modify for men's and children's sizes, as well.  The easiest way to design a hat's circumference is to use a little geometry when you are working on the crown. Basically, if you multiply the diameter of your crown (side to side of the circle) by 3.14 (or pi) your answer is the circumference of the circle (or the circumference of your hat) if you stop increasing at that point. Easy, right? Here is a list of different diameters and their respective circumferences for your reference:

If your circle diameter is: Then, your circumference is:

5" 15.7"

5.5" 17.27"

6" 18.84"

6.5" 20.41"

7" 21.98"

7.5" 23.5"

8" 25.12" 

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