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Welcome to the online collection of books, DVDs, PDF patterns, luxurious yarn kits and handmade, one of a kind samples by knit and crochet designer Kristin Omdahl.

Our service is exemplary. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader in customer service. Our motto is 'No question is too big or too small. We are always just an email away.' As many of our customers know, we offer very prompt and friendly service.

Kristin is passionate about fiber arts and wants to share it with you. Welcome. Come in. Stay a while. Enjoy.


Beyond Basic Crocheting - Cover Photo Debut

211509-764443-thumbnail.jpgLast year, Sharon Silverman contacted me about contributing crochet designs for her upcoming book, Beyond Basic Crocheting. She asked me for a beaded project and a motif based project. I happily agreed to the project ideas. I designed a beaded crochet shawl using Plymouth Yarn's Baby Alpaca dk and small silver beads (6 hex), and a mofit based jacket with a motif I designed specifically for this jacket. The lines of the square (motif), when joined with a group of squares, has an optical illusion - your eye changes focuse to the diagonal lines, rather than the focal point when looking at one square. You'll need to see the jacket to understand what I'm desribing - this jacket sample uses Plymouth Yarn's Wildflower dk.

 Rita Weiss, the president of Crochet Guild of America, has shared a beautiful review of Beyond Basic Crocheting.

"All crocheters--but  especially visual learners--will love this book, as it
is filled with detailed technique photographs to guide  the reader who wants
to learn more advanced techniques such as crocheting with beads, tunisian
crochet, crocheting with wire, felting and more. In addition there are
patterns for great projects including an elegant beaded wrap, a trendy scarf
and a lacy wire necklace.

A must-have book for the crocheter who wants to take her skills to the next

      Rita Weiss
      President, Crochet Guild of America

The front cover of the book features my beaded shawl design. The book is due in stores September 2007. When it becomes available I will post an announcement here first.


Bag E Bottoms Acrylic Bases for Handbags, Purses and Totes

211509-761078-thumbnail.jpgAt TNNA San Diego 2007, a distributor of Bag E Bottoms displayed these fabulous bases at the designers meeting. They are acrylic bases, 1/8" thick, with rounded corners. You insert them into the bottom of your knit, crochet or felted handbags for sturdy base.

As we all know, its the finishing that makes the difference between home made and hand crafted. You could put the base in the purse before sewing in the lining. Or, sew a sleeve lining around the base, then insert it after the sewn in lining. Either way, you will have a sturdy bottom and a purse that will stand tall.

Kristin handbag kits will include the proper sized base in each order. If you want to order a base for any other handbag or tote, please click here to order the acrylic base of your choice, a la carte: Acrylic Purse Bases 


1st Place Prize for Kristin's crocheted Swirl wrap cardigan

636876-394150-thumbnail.jpgA few months ago, the creative director for Knitting Pattern A Day and Crochet Pattern A Day Calendars contacted me about design submissions for the 2008 calendars. She inquired about some of my patterns and the possibility of their inclusion into next year's calendars. I contributed a couple of patterns for the knitting calendar and a few patterns for the crochet calendar.

Fast forward to today: I received an email from the same creative director congratulating me on being a winner. Winner, of what? I didn't know that by submitting designs to this publication I was automatically entered into a contest. The Swirl wrap cardigan I designed in crochet for Crochet Me Magazine Fall 2005 won 1st prize.


Honorable mention in a contest - cool.
1st, 2nd or 3rd place ranking in a contest - very cool.
Winning a contest you didn't even know you entered - priceless.