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Tada! Here is the new Figure 8 Fantasy Shawl

211509-360289-thumbnail.jpgWith one hank of Cherry Tree Hill Merino Lace, colorway Indian Summer, one US7 circular needle (40"), a few stitch markers, a tapestry needle and 80 hours of knitting.....Voila! Here it is and just in time to hop on a plane to hand deliver it to Cheryl Potter at Cherry Tree Hill's booth for TNNA Indianapolis.

Remember everyone, tomorrow (June 10, 2006) is KIP (knit in public) Day. Where ever you are and where ever you are going, take a moment to KIP tomorrow. I'm starting a silk lace headband tomorrow and looking forward to KIP with it.

Look for an indepth review of TNNA when I return next week.  


In the Home Stretch Now!

sm_blocking figure 8 shawl 002.jpgI'm in the home stretch now! With a little more than 24 hours to go, I have my Figure 8 sm_blocking figure 8 shawl 006.jpgFantasy Shawl assembled, washed and blocked. First, I assembled the individual motifs, sewing the 2 side seams of each motif (per diagram that comes with the pattern). Then, I joined a side panel to one long side of the motifs, taking care to ease the two pieces together along the way. I matched up the "peaks" and "valleys" of the side panel with the curves of the motifs and pinned them together at each spot. This helped me to keep on track.

I emersed the assembled shawl into a lukewarm bath of Eucalan lavender, and soaked it for about 20 mintues. After gently pressing out a lot of water, I layed the shawl out on a bed of fresh towels and began to pin...and pin...and pin...ok, you get the idea. This is the reason I chose a crochet bind off sm_blocking figure 8 shawl 007.jpgtechnique for the side panels: it makes a clean, neat spot for pinning at this stage. I pinned out the shapes of the side panels, and a nice straight edge for each short side (where the fringe will go).

Usually, I would wait until after drying and unpin before putting on fringe, but who has time today? Desperate times call for desperate measures: I added the slip knot fringe to the side panels, working around the pins. So, now I need to add the knots to the fringe, but I'll wait until tomorrow to finish. What's left? Knotting the fringe, and trimming the ends; sewing a Kristin label to an inconspicuous side edge; taking a quick snapshot for my records; and gently packing it up for the trip to TNNA Indianapolis. I'll post final photos tomorrow. I look forward to seeing other samples! Please send me your photos!



Fall 2006 Plymouth Yarn Patterns Now Available

Plymouth Yarn Company debuted their Fall 2006 Collection of patterns today at their website. Included in their Fall 2006 lineup are a few garments designed by Kristin.

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