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One Side Panel Done, One Side Panel To Go...

211509-355253-thumbnail.jpgI know its been a while since I last posted. I wanted to wait until I had a side panel complete before taking another photo. Lace knitting (or knitted lace) - I still have to figure out which is which - looks so strange when its still on the circular needles. Unblocked is deceiving too, but definately a lot clearer than while its still on the needles.

So, here is a shot of the first side panel just before blocking. I placed it in a lukewarm bath of Eucalan lavender, and will block it in a little while. I'm off to cast on for the second piece.

BTW, I changed my mind about the order I stated in a previous post. I haven't sewn the motifs yet. I think I'll sew everything at the same time - so as to only pull out the tapestry needle one time. Here is what I have so far: 3 motifs, (2 blocked, one unblocked), and one side panel (unblocked). Still to go: knit one side panel, assembly of motifs, assembly of side panels to motifs, fringe and final blocking. All before June 10? Stay tuned to find out!


Second motif blocking

sm_img_1075.jpgHere is a snapshot of the first and second motifs blocking together on my Spaceboard. What a space-saver - I have it leaning against the wall. After the third motif is blocked, I will sew their seams before venturing into the side panels.

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One down and two more to go!

sm_img_1060.jpgThe first motif: bound off, washed, blocked and dried. It is still pinned on the Spaceboard, awaiting seam sewing. I will probably leave it there for size and shape comparison when I have a second motif to block.

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