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Crochet Me Magazine Fall 2006

The Fall 2006 issue of Crochet Me Magazine will include a crocheted handbag, designed by me. Although I cannot show you the finished photos until they first appear in the magazine, I can show you the materials used. There will be a kit available here when the magazine goes live.

211509-419691-thumbnail.jpgI used Henry's Attic Andee yarn (50% superfine alpaca, 50% merino wool). Its a worsted we211509-419701-thumbnail.jpgight, really soft yarn and I worked it up with a US G6 (4mm) crochet hook. It comes in 8oz skeins ( 500 yds per skein).

The handbag is adorned with 8mm carved bone beads, honey-colored wooden handles, and nickle purse feet. I haven't lined the bag yet, and am not sure it needs it.

211509-419708-thumbnail.jpg 211509-419711-thumbnail.jpg

The pattern is pretty simple - no advanced stitch skills required. The construction is a bit unconventional, but not difficult.  


Checkered Racing Flag Picnic Blanket

211509-412384-thumbnail.jpgMy 4 year old son loves everything from trains to racecars and especially the new Disney movie "Cars". He loves the outdoors and we spend a lot of time outside. I wanted to make a picnic blanket for us, and more importantly, for him. This pattern is my version of a checkered race flag. It is simply crocheted squares of alternating black and white, sewn together at the end. I used worsted weight yarn, doubled, on a 10mm crochet hook.

Free Pattern Available Here. Please enjoy with my compliments. I hope you can make one for yourself or your little race fan.  


I made jewelry!

With the use of a couple of household tools, a couple of buttons and chain, and a little imagination - I made my first pieces of jewelry.

I have browsed the bead stores in my area many times - always feeling a bit overwhelmed by so much merchandise and having no idea where to begin. Each time thinking that this would be the time I buy the right things to make an amazing piece of jewelry - but leaving empty handed each time.

pearls_1.jpgWell, necessity is the mother of invention. I needed a closure for a lace top I'm working on,  and didn't love my options: button and buttonhole seemed heavy;; toggle...way too heavy; a pin would need to be tiny and dainty...couldn't find one; so I thought that two tiny buttons attached by a short chain could bsilver_1.jpge slipped into the holes of the lace.



I went back to a bead store, but this time just for the basics: some simple silver chain. It was sold in 6" sections and I bought two sizes, just in case. I knew I had some little, dainty buttons at home, but couldn't remember how large the holes were on the back. I searched through the household tool box for wire cutters and needle nosed pliers.

Voila! Here are the two pieces I made. Which do you prefer? Email me or leave a comment here. I'd love to hear from you!