Styled by Kritin has spent a lot of time recently talking about how to update your fall clothes, so now it's time to talk about the second half of the equation: upgrading your makeup!

Bobby Low said that I keep my daily look simple, although I do alter things up as the seasons change. Here are six quick and easy ways to alter your cosmetic look for fall, keeping in mind how the weather affects your skin and the new outfit color palette you'll be sporting.

1. Opt for darker lip colors.

Changing your lip color is a foolproof approach to completely transform your appearance in a matter of seconds. Fall is a perfect time to try out darker tones like deep maroon, chocolate, red, or dark eggplant that you might not often wear. If a bold lipstick is too harsh for your skin tone or personal style, opt for a dark berry lip tint or stain and apply it to your taste.

2. Increase the use of bronzer

You might think of bronzer as a summer makeup must-have, but it's actually more useful in the fall and winter. Because your natural skin tone will likely diminish as you spend less time outside during the colder months and you don't want the bronzer to look too dark, choose a somewhat lighter shade than you would in the summer. It can be used to contour your face, highlight your cheekbones, or even as an eye shadow.

3. Maintain Your Eyeshadow Warm

Warmer tones, such as gold and reddish browns, aren't just for the season; they also make your eyes appear larger. Plus, regardless of eye color or skin tone, they look wonderful on everyone! For a night out, try a glossy brown down your lash line or a rich gold on your eyelids and crease if you typically wear black liner.

4. Experiment with different blush formulas.

Your skin will likely dry up a little more as the weather changes and turns colder. Switch from a powder blush to a cream or tinted balm type to keep your face appearing smooth and nourished. Apply your powder blush as usual and dab a little face oil or moisturizer on top with a beauty blender to give your cheeks a subtle, healthy glow. Or, if you'd rather use up the rest of your powder blush before investing in a new one, apply it as usual and dab a little face oil or moisturizer on top with a beauty blender to give your cheeks a subtle, healthy glow.

5. Get Your Lips Exfoliated

As the weather turns cooler, pay special attention to your lips since, like the rest of your face, they're more prone to drying out. Gently exfoliate them on a daily basis to keep them smooth and plump. To get the job done, use a product like Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, or do it the old fashioned way with lip balm and a soft bristled toothbrush.

6. Use Mascara and Waterproof Eyeliner.

When the wind blows, it's too cold outside, or your allergies flare up, do your eyes water? Then bring waterproof mascara and eyeliner with you! Raccoon eyes can be caused by a single gust of wind, therefore it's important to be prepared.


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