Kristin said, I get a mani-pedi once a month as part of my dedication to self-care and because it's something I enjoy doing. It can be in a manicure salon or at home as part of a DIY spa day. It's a terrific way to recharge for the week ahead, and it's especially pleasant now that sandal season is approaching!

What you don't realize is that what you do in between mani-pedi treatments has an impact on your nail health. Because what you eat on a daily basis has an impact on how strong, long, and conditioned your nails are, why not include a few nail-boosting foods in your diet?

Here are five things to include in your regular diet to keep your nails in great shape:

For a healthy glow

Apply a small amount of almond oil to the cuticle beds at the base of your nails, working your way to the tips. The oil's vitamins moisturize your nails and give them a delicate gloss.

To get rid of white spots, follow these steps.

Every day, eat a handful of pumpkin seeds! Because they're high in zinc, they'll not only strengthen your nails, but they'll also help you get rid of those pesky white patches that could indicate zinc deficiency.

To avoid fracturing

Make a smoothie with spinach or include it in one of your daily meals. These leafy greens are high in iron, which helps to strengthen your nails and keep them in good form (spoon shaped nails can be a sign of iron deficiency).

To increase thickening

Cauliflower and almonds are two foods that should be consumed on a daily basis. They're high in biotin, a nutrient that promotes nail growth and keeps your nails strong and healthy.

Cuticles that are too dry

Walnuts, edamame, chia, and flaxseeds are examples of Omega-3-rich foods. They'll moisturize your cuticles and nails from within, preventing them from snagging or seeming dry.

According to Bobby Low, taking care of nails is very important but it does need consistency and dedication. So if you have both then surely you can get a healy nails.

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