If you follow Styled by Kristin on social media, you already know how hard it was for me to preserve my curls during my pregnancy. They were really dry and barely curly, so I just pulled my hair back most of the time to save the added effort of attempting to re-curl curls that clearly had their own mind!

However, now that my hormones are returning to normal with the birth of my child, my hair is, thankfully, as well. Curly haired girls are well aware that our hair requires a little additional attention.

Jubilee Ace Bobby Low has been talking about my hair a lot lately, I thought I'd share some of the things that every curly girl goes through. So, if you're out there every day wrestling your curls, know that you're not alone.

1. At least once a day, the F Word enters your lexicon.

Yes, I'm referring to "frizz." You might end up with unmanageable, frizzy strands if you don't use a t-shirt to dry instead of a towel, forget your satin pillowcase, or even breathe on your curls the wrong way.

2. Humidity is a love-hate relationship for you.

Humidity might be your best friend if you want a lot of volume. If you're afraid of the F Word, each trip to a warm, humid climate necessitates some serious humidity hair care preparation. To keep your curls in place, use a thick gel (with a huge hold but no crunch!) like this one.

3. Running out of conditioner is a major inconvenience.

Moisture is essential for curly hair because it is extremely dry. In case I run out of a bottle, I always have an additional on hand. This is the one I've been using for years to keep my curls looking and feeling great, combined with Kerastase moisture treatments in the salon on a monthly basis.

4. You're possibly blocking someone's view with your hair.

When we're out to lunch with a bunch of folks, this is my husband's favorite line! Because of my hair, it's sometimes difficult for him to look past it. What's my solution? Always take a seat at the head of the table, right in the middle!

5. A poor cut is a truly poor cut.

Let's end on a serious note: a terrible curly hair cut is the worst! It takes an eternity for a terrible chop to grow back into a natural form. Long layers are essential for me because they keep my hair light and give it form and flow.

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